The Piano Salon

Franz Liszt by Henri Lehmann in 1839

The Piano Salon is a concerts series and private piano lessons in Zürich Kreis 7 for a restricted public, following the spirit of the Salons parisiens from the 19th century. Education concerts about Chopin, Liszt and other themes will be organised too.


The concerts are a wonderful opportunity for the students as well as for the public to meet in a cosy setting. Like the Salons parisiens it is also a place where artists, intellectuals and other parts of the society can mingle. 


The piano lessons and concerts are given by Sebastien Dupuis who is an international concert pianist (website) and piano teacher since 2003 in schools, conservatories and privately. He has a Master Diploma of the Brussels Royal Conservatory. 


The pedagogy is based on the Liszt heritage transmitted by different generations of great pianists and teachers to Mr. Dupuis. The lessons are meant for music passionate students of all ages and all levels and are given in French, Dutch, English or German.





Portrait of Franz Liszt (1811 - 1886) by Henri Lehmann (1814 - 1882), 1839, oil on canvas, original size: H.113; L.86, Carnavalet Museum of Paris. Liszt posed in the villa Massimiliana of Lucques in Italy, but Lehmann achieved the work in Rome.


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